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MNG Ventures News

MNG Ventures launches new website to go along with their new operations.

The site includes extensive information to help potential partners and clients understand MNG Ventures’ mission and goal in launching this new North American initiative. MNG Ventures has extensive know-how in Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East… MNG Ventures will now play a key role in assisting its North American partners in those regions.

MNG Ventures has moved their U.S. Headquarters to Washington, D.C.

MNG Ventures was founded in 2015 and has a track record of successful investments in construction, mining, energy, aviation, hospitality and transportation. With its primary focus on exploring investment opportunities in the Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North America; MNG Ventures' new HQ puts the company in the heart of D.C. and in the middle of all the action.